History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Welcome to the Homepage for those interested in the history of the area known as Maypole Estate, Kent, England,and now also including Dartford Heath, and the immediate surrounding areas including - Baldwyns Park, Joydens Wood, Coldblow, Wansunt, Leyton Cross etc.

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Maypole Estate - welcome - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Below - general area of original research - Ordnance Survey map 1898

Maypole Estate - welcome - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Below - same map with superimposed main houses in Victorian times

Maypole Estate - welcome - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

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Selection of photos. Previous reunions - pictures

Memories 2013 reunion at Maypole School

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The History of Maypole Team believe they have the most comprehensive records of this area held to date and stored in one place.

Maypole Estate - homepage - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Looking towards Hospital Gates c1910. Denton Terrace visible but school not yet built.

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Maypole Estate - homepage - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Looking towards Bexley Hospital Gates 1946 in direction of Bexley.
See some very precious memories which may jog yours !

The most beautiful discovery two friends can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

We urge you to read the below to get a feel for the area in bygone times

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Home - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Above - Ordnance Survey c1869