Baldwyns Manor - Chronology

Land owned by Sir John BAUDE - from where the name 'BALDWYNS' originates.
1509 Lands owned by the Abbots of Lesnes
1525 Lands owned by Cardinal Thomas WOLSEY
1529 Lands confiscated from Cardinal WOLSEY by King HENRY VIII 1603 Lands exchanged by King HENRY VIII with Eton College for other lands. Lands then leased by Eton College to ADAMS
1739 Lands then ? owned / leased to Sir Edward HULSE
1759 Manor House recorded - referred to as retirement place for Edward HULSE.
1759 Richard HULSE (Second son to Edward) took over estate from his father.
1768 Lands enclosed by Richard HULSE who greatly improved the estate.
1783 Richard HULSE moves from Baldwyns to Blackheath and sells his share in the estate to Arnold NESBITT.
1783 Owned by Arnold NESBITT
1788 Simon FRAZER ( Director of East India Company ) shown as living at Baldwyns.
1791 Estate shown as being 'alienated' to FRAZER by NESBITT
1793 Lord Alexander SELTON dies at Manor. He was husband of Elizabeth FRAZER - daughter of Simon FRAZER.
c.1808 Estate now owned freehold by Isaac MINET and his wife Susannah.
1839 Isaac dies at the Manor.
1874 Charles MINET - son of Isaac - dies at Baldwyns and estate administration granted to Geraldina - ?his daughter
c.1876 Lands purchased by ? L.C.C. in preparation for the new Asylum.
1878 John Gotch HEPBURN - wealthy local businessman - tenant of the Manor.
1889 Sir Hiram MAXIM tenant of the Estate.
1891 Henry HOUSE and family (American) shown as staying at Manor (Father and son both mechanical engineers ? Guest of Sir Hiram, who was also American by birth).
1892 First trials of aeroplane in the grounds.
1894 Mans very first flight in a 'heavier than air' machine 31st July
1898 Construction of Bexley Hospital commences.
1996 Bexley Hospital reshaped and majority demolished

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