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If any of you wish to add your E Mail addresses to this site so you may be contacted by anyone out there just E Mail the Maypole History Team at maypoleontheweb@aol.com - they will be added and / or deleted at your request . This means people can contact you without having to actually sign up to Wetpaint and will widen the ability for readers to get in touch with each other. The Maypole Team already have a list of about 25 E Mail addresses but will only add them with consent.

List of new contacts being added in due course below

1. Kim Button - Maypoleman - maypoleontheweb@aol.com

2. Sheila Houlton - sheila-a.lusher@sky.com

3. Steve Parker - svparau@xtra.co.nz

4. Paul Underwood - undart@mac.com

5. Peter Walker - peterwalker4@hotmail.com

6. William Beck - williamedward42@googlemail.com

7. ANGIE ASHDOWN - angie.ashdown@ntlworld.com

8. Frankie Gemmell - franreg05@btinternet.com I would be very pleased to have my e-mail address added to the as I would like very much to hear from anyone that remembers me!!!

9. Perran Newman - Pvlnewman@aol.com

10. Yvonne Kerrisk - bpsmiles43@hotmail.com

11. Tony and Marie Helyar - ahelyar@tiscali.co.uk

12. John Burton (Maypole School c1943-1948) anjburton@hotmail.co.uk

13. Clare Fitzsimons nee MORAND - clarefitzsimons@aol.com

14. Alf Taylor - bestmatefour@sky.com

15. Maureen THOMAS - maureenthomas743@googlemail.com

16. Ronnie POTTER rpotter131@gmail.com

17. Janet Cushion (Nee Winter) japenet@btinternet.com

18. Susan SMITH (Now DRAPER) lacknut@accommodate-uk.com

19. Vince Cross http://www.vincecross.co.uk

20. Susan Knight (now Parkes) sueparkes50@btinternet.com

21. David Parslow - dparslow4@yahoo.co

22. Catherine HATFIELD (Nee BOWYER) website ID as maypolegirl cathyfab4fan@btinternet.com would like to hear from anyone who knows / remembers her.

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