Information from Janet Lee

Information re Maypole School . . . . .

Janet was a teacher at the school.

Thought you might like some info on the staff who were with Mrs. Chambers.
1 Mr Roy Beresford (deputy) became head of a school in Footscray. Died many years ago.
2Mr. John Rawlins was at Goldsmiths'College with me, he came to the reunion, lives in Oxford shire. (Christmas card.)
3 Mr Brian Tagell, very musical. Became head at Barming School. Lives in Deal. (c.c.) i.e. as above!Retired.
4 Mrs. Hunt elderly teacher who had no formal training.
5Miss Alley moved to Hertfordshire. (c.c.) Retired.
6Mrs. Cridge married a Polish prisoner of war and he took her maiden name .They are heading towards their 90s.(c.c.)
7Miss West became Mrs. Relf had a son and a daughter.Lives in Hempstead. Retired from full time but does testing.(c.c.)
8 Miss Starbuck became Mrs. Hawken, had 2 daughters. Lived in Footscray. Died 10 years ago.
9Miss Tozer became Mrs Stafford, had 2 sons and a daughter lives in Crockham Hill.(c.c.)
10Miss Tilyard became Mrs Beak , had 2 daughters. Lives in Cheshire.(c.c.) Retired.
11Mrs. Hinkley had 2 daughters and 1 son. Moved to Sussex. Died 15 years ago.
12 Mrs Hartley taught music. Had a son and a daughter, lives in Lancashire. (c.c.)
13Miss Lee, stayed at Maypole with Miss Clarke for a year and then moved to aTonbridge School. Spent last 16 years of teaching at Joydens wood.
14 Mr Hembury , He moved to a Headship at Hoathly Common. (c.c.)
With Miss Clarke.
Miss ? became Mrs Ward had 2 children. Retired.
Miss Hamilton from New Zealand became Mrs. Mason has 2 daughters and a son. Lives in Timaru.

When I joined there was a Mrs. Phillips who livedin Crayford and taught Juniors.
Mrs. Smith taught Infants. Moved to Yorkshire.
Mrs .Hares " ". Her children Janice and Graham were also at school.
Mr Deer went with Mrs Chambers to start Joydens Wood. Eventually got a Headship in Chelsfield. Lives in Goudhurst.
Brian, John ,June and I came to the reunion..I drove Mary, Meryl and John to Epworth for a celebration meal with Mrs. Chambers, she was 90 and living with her daughter .She died 2years later.When I walked in she said "You haven't changed a bit!"

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