Joydens Wood Area

With the advent of Facebook and various social media sites it has become apparent that we just can't ignore the Joydens Wood area any longer ! So, we intend to fill this page up with information, memories, images and much trivia to acknowledge the importance of Joydens Wood to the history of the area. Information will be gleaned from social media sites (with permission, of course) and any other sources of information readily to hand. There will be pages dedicated to individuals, areas, events and the like and each subject will have it's own page for ease of reference. For these pages please look at the panel on the left hand side of the screen towards the top. Click on the header page with the large arrow and then it will open up the sub pages for you to enjoy.

We invite anyone who wishes to contribute to send their information on an E Mail to

The history of the woodland known as Joydens Wood - click on link and it will take you to the Woodland Trust web-site.

We start with the Memories of:

Bill Young