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Kim Button (details with website team) Christopher GILES who once lived in Coldblow Crescent c1964.
Kim Button (details with website team) Phillip HAYWARD who once lived in Coldblow Crescent c1968
Sheila Houlton
Elizabeth (Chapman) ? A girl from Singapore. c1947 attended Maypole School
Sheila Houlton
I just wonder what happened to Michael Bean? He lived in the first bungalow past the off-licence down the 'Dip' at Baldwyns Park. We used to play after school, sometimes, in Michael's back garden where there was a Dene Hole with a wooden structure guarding it (in case we got to venturesome). I think Michael's father must have been in the Diplomatic service as he was never around. I moved from the Maypole in October 1952 and although I never saw most of my classmates again, I did meet some at the final reunion in 2002. Michael wasn't there and no-one said anything about him. Just wonder where he might be
Steve Parker
Does anybody know what happened to Brian Seymour he used to live in one of the houses on the right hand side down the dip just past the entrance to the allotments. I am of course going back to the 1940s & early 1950s.
Steve Parker
My name is Paul Underwood and I went to the Maypole School from about 1945 to 1952. Address and contact details can be supplied.
I wondered what happened to Judith Batchelor?
From Jacqui nee Bedford

Please E Mail the Maypole History Team for contact details

We have reunited these two !! (12/11/09)

The Maypole Team
Hi KIm,

Thank you getting back to me I understand your caution.
I was at school with Iris in Bexleyheath,and spent many weekends at her home in Beaconsfield Road, she was my bridesmaid in June 1964,
my husband was in the army so I moved about a lot and we lost touch.
The last I heard from Iris was that her and Sue had a double wedding.
I have found a few old friends from the 50/60's and would love to find out how life has treated Iris.
In those day I was known as Jacqui Beckford
I would be grateful for any information that would help me trace her
Keith Walmsley (1955-1961) would be pleased to hear from any of his contemporaries.

My name is Clare Morand; I lived in Beaconsfield Road, Maypole Estate, with my brother Michael Morand, and Sister Valerie Morand. I was born in Crayford Hospital 1960. Can anybody remember me or my family? I live in Essex, married with three children. Please email me. clarefitzsimons@aol.com What has happened to? Kathleen Blackman, Elizabeth Blackman, Jackie Mc kernie, Jackie Heinz, Julie Smith, Simon ,steven,penny cox.
John BURTON anjburton@hotmail.co.uk
has asked us to see if we can locate Ed WAINER who he hasn't been in contact with for something like 60 years.
Looking good - the college where Ed has been associated have passed our details to him - let's hope it's the same one and he gets on touch !
Ed has been in touch with the web-site team and things are looking good - watch this space. Ed is now aware that John is seeking to contact him
Maureen THOMAS

Is anyone out there a descendant of ALEXANDER PROUDFOOT and his wife ELEANOR? They had six children, three appear on the pupils list of Maypole School:- William James, John Robertson, Hector Macdonald. I noticed on some of te photos Proudfoots are named.

We have reunited these three !! (28/08/2010)

The Maypole Team
I have just remembered another name Bill Young from the Maypole School he used to live at the very top of summer house Drive when it turned into a dirt track, he lived on the right hand side ,in the woods i used to think Joydens wood was his garden as we used to play in there ,must have been late 1940's I am sure he followed me to Dartford West school. Any one remember him Regards John Burton.

27/8/10 - Another success story from John . . . . E Mail received today . . .

Very pleased to see the article from **(name ommited on this page)**, about him and **(topic omitted on this page)**, just as i remember it as well, with a bit of luck he might contact me , would very much like that as i remember our friendship as one of the most memorable of my time at the Maypole
kind Regards
John Burton Ps; have linked up with Derek Ingram we had a very good ,over 3 hour chat the other day , and Bill Young and i have renewed our friendship via; E mail ,
both thanks to Maypoleontheweb Thank you
14/3/2013. John Burton - again (we'll have to start charging soon!!) andSmudger Smith.

Dear Maypoleman
When i read the above article it got me wondering, as my Wife is the 2nd Great granddaughter of the Thomas Smith of glory bumps fame, I have done a extensive Family tree about him, and wondered where' Smudger' Smith fitted in , At last i have traced him down, and hope to meet up shortly, he tells me he has a box of Treasures About Thomas Smith passed onto him, that he has not looked at,So hoping this will add to my Archive .
So another Thank You to Maypole on The Web
Kind Regards
John Burton

    DMPinkney <mpinkney@csolve.net
    Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 21:34
    Looking to contact Malcolm, known as Nim when at Dartford Grammer, Roberts. Not sure if he was at Maypole but lived in Woodlands park area around 1963? to 1967 then went onto university in Birmingham/Manchester. Was part of a band at school briefly called The Prophets. Lost contact a few years after I emmigrated to Canada in 1970's.

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