Memories of Ann Martin

My memories

First day thought school was OK but hated the fact that my mother left me in the playground completely on my own and I just did not know what to do! The next day I cried as I did not want to go to school everyday. I enjoyed school until I was in Mrs Cridges class and I did not like the way she shouted at me and told me I was stupid (which I am not!) I have very fond memoreis of Miss Alley and Miss Tozer who made school more happy. There was also a nice male teacher who remembered me at the re-union.

I remember Kim (BUTTON) as being one of the boys who actually talked to you and Philip (READ) who was going to make me a necklace from sugar crystals! It was lovely to work with Kim on the re-union and to meet up with Philip again. I had my first girlish crush on Mark Bradley as did a lot of the girls as not only was he good looking but nice to the girls! Life moves on but I will never forget the good teachers and the lovely friends I made like Shelagh Russell and Nell Axon. More recently some of us have met up from time to time which has been nice.

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