Memories of Barbara Ireland

I want to compliment you on the site. It's excellent. Miss TILYARD became Mrs BEAK. When single she lodged in Wilmington Court Road and then when she got married she lived over the back from the Co-oP in Wilmington.

I remember Miss LEE riding her 'sit up and beg' bicycle with a huge basket on the front and her hair neatly pinned up.

I also remember the snow in 1963 and how bitterly cold it was. It must have been about March when we returned after Christmas. My Mum worked in the kitchen at Hextable Primary School and walked across the frozen cabbages to get to work from Manor Close. I also remember the huge snow drifs along the Top dartford Road.

The hairdresser at Baldwyns Park was Lionel SWEET.

I also remember Ron GOSLING, Robert HOGAN, Edward GINN, Jeremy BARBER, Jeremy THOMAS, Lyn PARNELL etc.

My Mum must still have some of the class photos from when I was at The Maypole and also when my brother Geoff (3 years younger) was there. I'll see whether she has and then post them.

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