Memories of Jerry Wilkins

I lived with my Mum and Dad at 29 Dartford Road, opposite Coldblow Cresent from about 1962 to 1971. I went to Maypole School from 1966 until we moved to the West Country in the Summer of 1971, so I left the school a year early. My Dad worked at the National Provincial Bank, in Bexley, long since become the NatWest! The building is now a trendy bar!.

I recall Maypole School with very fond memories. Looking at your list of pupils I remember a good friend Geoffrey Raine, I used to round his house. Also remember Sharon Matthews, Deborah Potter and Stephanie Shanley. What happened to these people? Miss Clarke was the headteacher, she used to walk about the school in her tweed skirt with golden retreiver 'Tosca' following. I remember Mr Popplewell, who would give you a thick ear for talking in class! Can't do that now...

I now live with my family and work in rural Wiltshire..

At some point I'll write a few random memories for you to include as well...Hendersons thats a blast from the past, I used to go there with my Mum when she needed bits and pieces, if I'd been good I might of got a sherbet fountain! There was a fish and chip shop at the end of the row too, every so often Dad would go and get the fish and chips for supper. Across the junction was an Off Licence, now a private house I think. I remember a boy a bit older than me - lived opposite the shops, can't remember his name but he went to Maypole. He banged his head in a swimming pool? and sadly died.

If you want to add my name to the class of '66 please do..Sad that the school was demolished but I suppose that's progress!

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