Memories of Margaret Cadman

I was born in Baldwyns Road and remember Kim's parents. I have just been reading the superb history of the Maypole it bought back many memories. I feel quite sad that the school is no more my mother, auntie and uncle, myself, brother, and my sons all went to that little school. Mr Stockford used to live next door to me at 48 I lived at 46. My grandparents lived at 14 Beaconsfield Road and I remember the Popes a few houses down. What about bonfire night on the heath? and in my very young days there was always a maypole party day normally held in Baldwyns Road as all the other roads then were not made up. Everyone contributed and tressle tables were put up and lots of food laid out and I have a photo of me as Little Bo Peep for the fancy dress. I remember all the shops along Bexley Lane and the owners the Challis family, the Miles family, Ron Barrett (had a crush on him). (Maypoleman left that bit in - just in case he reads it and makes him smile !)

I remember the tea hut on the heath the Houghton family lived 2 doors away from me on the corner of Baldwyns and Heathend Road. My mother worked in the cafe years ago and Roger Moore used to go in there for his cigarettes (before he was well known when he was married to Dorothy Squires they lived in Wansunt Road not far from us on the way to Bexley). She then worked in the hospital shop for years until she retired and I think Joan Button used to work over there at some point. I have wonderful memories of Maypole Estate where I was born and grew up and your site has made me quite emotional looking at the photos. Thank you for a wonderful insight to my childhhood years.

Oh yes Ronnie Potter and his sister Elaine, the Hunts especially David who used to where strong glasses. I remember Freddie Balcombe and brother Phillip lived in Beaconsfield and Tony Smith he lived in the first bungalow 3/4 way down Beaconsfield on your side. I remember Jean and John Parker on the other side of the road (twins) they were about 18mths older than me and John was killed on his motorbike. I can remember the "library" that Ron Barratt and I had in the shed in his garden at the end of corner shop next to the school (mentioned in your website) and I remember I used to call for Ron at his back door and his mum Vera. The Conboys at No 1 Baldwyns and Kevin had lots of girls after him. I remember the Rolex watch factory being built in Heathend Road. Also I remember my best friend then Vicki Knightsbridge she had red hair. We used to ride our bikes all around the estate. What about the cows in Broomfields field (part of the hospital) we used to see who would dare run into the field near the cows without being scared. Oh what wonderful fun filled days. No electronic games, computers i-pods etc etc. just good old fashioned fun. We were happy with a bag of sweets (jamboree bags with different things in it) and our bikes or roller skates and spending fun time on the heath building camps or climbing trees. I remember Kim's Dad used to ride a bike and his (Kim's) mum was a very cheery lady and always stopped for a chat to us kids.

I actually lived on Maypole after I was married in 1969 we rented a house believe it or not in Baldwyns Road then after a few years moved to Dartford. I am now living in Maidstone and have 3 sons, 31,35, 38 and 2 grandchildren. I did go back a couple of years ago to look around the estate but would rather remember it from the past. I remember down the "dip" as we know it where the row of shops were (again photos on the website) There was the fishmongers then Sweets the hairdressers then the Co-op groceries then the Co-op butchers and Mr Chipperfield was the butcher (he had no thumb on one hand as he chopped it off )his little wife used to help him wrap up the meat in sheets of white paper on the counter and the floor was covered in sawdust. Then there was the paper shop/sweet shop selling anything type shop called Hendersons. I used to go to Girls Brigade at the Baptist Church just a bit further on from the dip and Sunday School when I was very small in fact I still have a bible that my nan gave me in 1956 and later went to the youth club held in the church hall.

I remember the rope swing down the dell - it was tied to a tree on the slope with quite a drop underneath and all the boys used to swing out on it and see who could hold on the longest. Oh crikey I could go on and on.

I am going back into your site to read more I am really interested .

Dont be surprised if you hear from me again when I remember something else to run past you.

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