Memories of Nicholas Milsum

Hi Kim. I found you web site most interesting. I lived in the Maypole area some 20 years before you but our lives have followed a similar path. I attended the Maypole all of my primary school years except for a period of evacuation during the war. Mrs Gaspar was the headmistress during my time there, My older brother Michael attended the school before me. I lived at 6 Baldwyns Park Road and of course walked to school. I remember the shop in your website. We used to buy lemondade powder there during sweet rationing. I then went to Bexleyheath Secondary Modern for two years and then I went briefly to Dartford Tech. Then my family moved to Canterbury. When I left School I joined the Metropolitan Police as a cadet before serviong my National Service. I then went farming for a couple of years and then emigrated to New Zealand on my own. After two years working on farms I joined the Police. I served 30 years and have been retired for nearly 19 years. I returned to England two years ago when my bother had a fatal illness. I met up with Vincent LEEK who was my boyhood friend. He was 1 year younger than me but also lived in B.P. Rd and attended the Maypole and Bexleyheath S.S. He used to do a paper round in the B.P.A. area and when I met up with him I found he had a much better memory of the old area than I did. We used to play in the Joydens woods - up and down the dene holes - no ropes for us. It was a smashing area to be brought up. I loved Dartford Heath. Also the old mill pond in Bexley Village (catching newts and tadpoles). Vincent and I went over all our old haunts. We visited the new Maypole School. We tried to get access to the school roles during our time but they claimed they could not find them I got the feeling they did not want to go to the trouble of looking. We did however find something that may interest you. I remember high on a wall of the Maypole School there was a crest of the Kent Incta (a horse standing on it's hind legs). Anyway we had a look through a container outside the school office and we found this very same crest You may want to follow this up. We had a look a Joydens Woods and it was all fenced in. I was unable to view the deneholes which still mean a lot to me. Had a look at the pavilion in the park at B.P.R. After our trip I appreciated that I was brouught up at the best time. I did not find one person I knew from the old days.

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