Memories of Pat Richardson

Memories of Pat Richardson - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

I still am having a wonderful time browsing thru' the Maypole web-site. I found this photo that I thought you may like to use. It's a bit the worse for wear, but the people are still recognisable. It was taken approx l947 when we had a pantomime (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) at the Institute Hut in Baldwyns Road. It was the highlight of our lives then, and all put together by Joan Houlton. I will list the "actors" left to right.

Nancy Beck, Dorothy Whitehead, Barbara Whithhead, Pat Flett, Sonia Windmill, Audrey Houlton, Joan Houlton, Marion Parker (Stephen NZ sister) Betty Cruickshank, Pat Richardson (me) Barbara Houlton, Janice Scott (dec'd)

FRONT Row Roberta Cruickshank and Sheila Houlton.
Kindest regards and best wishes
Pat (Richardson) Bromham

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