Memories of Peter Walker

In the summer of 1962 I moved to 51 Baldwins Park from a horrible little house in Sidcup , I was 10 yrs old, and my first impression of the area was of how lovely and spacious it was, I started at the Maypole school after the summer holiday and my first friend was a young chap known as Paul Richardson, I soon settled in to school life mainly because I didnt go very often, it got so bad the teachers would write the sick notes for me,Im afraid at an early stage I decided I didnt like school .

The highlights in my time at the Maypole were the visits Mr Deere would take us on,one trip I remember was to the Thames embankment somewhere in London,I cant remember what we went there for, but if it was to fill Mr Deeres volkswagen with mud we were successful. After school we would go on our bikes over to the heath, the glory bumps was a favourite place of mine,is it still there today? .

In 1963 we had our first family holiday we went to a place called Allhallows,we stayed at a guesthouse run by a Mrs Edina Bucket she suffered greatly with wind, so much so you always new which part of the house she was in,also she must have given a good discount for large bookings because there were hundreds of mice staying there with us,my poor mother went in there a healthy 41 yr old and left a physical wreck with no voice (screaming),needless to say dear reader we never went there again oh no ,the next year we went to Butlins Bognor regis no mice, but lots of Rats .

The Dell was a place we could have fun, cycling down the slopes swinging from the trees getting up to general mischief,I went back there a couple of years ago and I was sorry to see how neglected it looked,but I suppose time goes on and memories dont keep up with it.

Moving on a bit I remember the Richardson bros acquiring a scooter which we would ride round the fields in the hospital grounds "great fun" and then I think it was an old Norton that we would ride around the trials track until someone trashed it for us .
Amongst other strong memories of the time I remember are the times we slept in the old air raid shelter behind Broomhills all the evenings we spent in Deborahs house @ Broomhills listening to music etc, and the scramble to get a pillion seat on the sunday outings on motorbikes, I didnt have one at the time .

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