Memories of Robin Healey

Kim, you must have been an exact contemporary of mine at Maypole School. I was there from 1957 - 63.

Of the teachers you list, I recall most of those , but do you remember Mr Tadgell, who taught music and who played Schubert on the piano at improvised lunchtime concerts ? Also, Mr Beresford. Mrs Chambers seemed very old and wrinkled to us. Did she retire before 1960 ? Do you recall she or another teacher warning us not to accpt sweets from the mental patients who would wander into the playground sometimes ?
Also, I recall the huge cans containing school dinners that were piled up near the canteen. My favourite dishes were gypsy tart and corned beef with beetroot and mashed potatoes. Worst dish---stew with lumps of fat and gristle ----uuuuurgh.

What about throwing sticks at the conker trees at Broomfield in the autumn. On the heath at playtime I used to pretend I was a tube train and stopped at bushes, which acted as stations.

One day the freezer in the sweet shop at Baldwyn's Parade broke down and the shopkeeper gave away all the ice creams in it--must have been around 1961

Did you propel Dinky and Corgi racing cars on the playground at break ?

My school mates included Philip Devey, John Fergusson, Martin McKim, and Richard Shears.

I moved to Wiltshire in 1963. I now live in S Cambs, but have returned to Maypole a few times in the last 30 years and was at the Reunion in 2002(?) , where I met Mr Tadgell again.

Robin Healey (b 1952)

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