Memories of Ron Evans

Hi , my name is Ron Evans,

How I found this site was I was messing around on the google site and typed in maypole . Why I did that was because I spent all of my young days there. I'm so thrilled to find this great site. What everyone talks about here and the photo's I've seen and know it all. Let me explain, My grand parents, Bert Hampshire and Flo Hampshire lived at 14 Beaconsfield Rd.

My mother Gladys Hampshire was born there and went to school there, I notice her name is on the school list on this site so is her sister Ivy and brother Ray. My mother married Percy Evans from Crayford,when their house got bombed in Princes Rd, Dartford in the war, they moved to a bungarlow house in Beaconsfield Rd, down near the end.

Mum's sister lived in Baldwyns Rd .I forget which number but it was next door to the Stockfords. I was born in Wansunt Road, Bexley in a nursing home there. My mother died only about nine months ago she was 92. My father worked in Vickers , he was in the home guard in the war, he was always on the night shift firing the guns on Dartford Heath at the planes coming over to bomb Vickers.

I have a brother, Ray, who was always around the Maypole as well. I've been living in Australia since 1973 ,married with two boys and two girls. Mum And dad and brother and his family all came out here to live in 1984. Aunt Ivy's two children Pete Cadman and Marg live in Maidstone now. I still have contact with them.

They were good times at the Maypole, I remember jumping out on the swing at the Dell, the birches, and the bikes on the glory bumps, Always every year the bonfire on the corner of the heath, they were always massive fires, they had put a swing near there one year, there used to be a tree about 50 yards from it and one year in the dark all the boys put bon fire over the tree, hoping the heath keeper did,nt notice it, he did'nt, it was very well done, hundreds of people came. Got to go . . . .

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