Memories of Steven Parker

Bexley Hospital outing to Margate 1964 - courtesy of Steven Parker

Memories of Steven Parker - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

This has shrunk as it has come from New Zealand ! Actually it is only 42kbites so enlargement won't help.

Most of the people in this photo have lived on the Maypole at some time or other.Back row L to R---- Mrs. Barrett Snr. with one of her grandchildren, Jessie Barrett (now in U.S.A.) Ray Wheeler, Louis Cruickshank, ( owned a pub in Eynsford but not now ) Steve Parker,Bill Barrett in shadow, Morris Bridges, lived where Houltons used to live, moved to Leyton Cross. John Borrell, ran the butcher shop down the dip for a while, now in Erith. Bill Proudfoot, Vic Mcdonald, lady on the end ?
Front row L to R--- Lou Proudfoot, two girls with children not sure, Ailene Parker, Joan Mcdonald (nee Barrett ) her daughter Mary standing behind her, Netta Wheeler (nee Cruickshank). behind her my son Neville, girl next to him not sure,Mavis Barrett (nee Proudfoot ) the boy not sure, my wife Valerie, & then ? ?. not bad after 44 yrs. Regards Steve

Memories of Steven Parker - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Above top of this pair - Maypole School and below that Steve's daughter Aileen at the gates of Bexley Hospital

and below - 2008

Memories of Steven Parker - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

I was born in 1935 in Bexley, my parents moved with my sister & I in tow to Heathend Rd. 6 months after I was born, my grandparents having lived in Beaconsfield Rd. since before WW1. My great Aunt (my G/Ms sister) lived in Baldwyns Rd. in the house I bought after my marriage & lived until we emigrated to N.Z. in 1967. So had quite a long history of the Maypole & its people. We still live in N.Z. where we celebrated our 50th anniversary in April 2008.

I also was a member of the St. Barnabas choir as was my sister Marian(nee Parker) the thing we liked most about it was the threepence (3d.old money) that we got each time we attended but was saved for us & given out at Chritmas, if you attended all services & practices you could get the grand total of 13/6d. Do you remember? or was I the only mercenary. A few names I remember, you may know more! David, Betty & Roberta ( Cruickshank) Joan, Audrey & Barbara (Houlton) Marian & Stephen (Parker) Wendy & David (Saunders) Gordon Lennox, Micky Masters, Kenny Purkiss, Jean Peacock, Pat Flett, Pat & Hazel (Richardson) Angela Pope, Joyce Stockford, memory fails me for the rest. The girls in red & white the boys in black & white, how angelic we looked.

The church was @ the rear of Broomhills, churchgoers would enter the Cameron estate through a gate in the alley @ the back of Baldwyns Rd. & walk straight ahead for about 50 yds. The church hall was to the right running @ right angles from the church where we used to attend Sunday school. I don't remember much about Mr. Cameron except he was a little round man who wore wire framed specs, he had a short walk from the back of the house to the church where he played the organ. He must have been Dorothys grandfather? That can be confirmed by Dorothy, who by the way was in the choir & her mother was always @ church. My wife Valerie remembers a ladies church group being held in the hall once a month & Mrs. Cameron being a prime facilitator. After the church & hall were moved my daughter Ailene used to attend ballet classes at the hall, can't remember the teachers name but she lived in Baldwyns Park. Apart from organising a wedding reception for some friends of ours thats about all I remember.

Before we left for N.Z. 40yrs. ago Mrs. Cameron invited my wife & I & 3 children for afternoon tea, quite a delight, One room was a treasure trove of chiming clocks -- table , grandfather, cuckoo, the whole range. The kids were thrilled to bits when she set off the chimes of many, this was followed by the playing of a pianola?

Memories of Steven Parker - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath

Random Photographs - persons - History of Maypole, Dartford Heath
The two photos of Mr. Pope (above) with his horse & cart, the one on the left is Beaconsfield Rd. But the photo bottom right was taken outside my family home 14 Heathend Rd. the name of the house was Homefield & can just be seen above the porch far right.

I used to deliver the paper to Maypole house, the houses in the Dell Rd. also the big house & cottage on the heath to the right of the Dell. During the war there was a unexploded bomb sticking out of the ground ( about where the people are standing in photo 1) I think it was an incendiery, can anyone else remember this??

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