Memories of Susan Kirby

My memories of my school days in late 1940's are of having to sit a test every Friday. Your seating position for the following week was based on this. The highest scorers sat at the back. One week I was away for the test and had to sit in the front row, instead of my normal back row seat! The shame still haunts me! Goodness knows what it must have been like for those who normally felt total failures.

Susan Price

We had to recite times tables daily and got a wrap over the knuckles if wrong. I kept saying 8 times 8 is 63.

I also remember being caned for drawing a wedding in my best friends maths book.

On my younger sister's first day at school, the head stood at the door and shouted to my mother across the playground "If the child is old enough to come to school Mother , she is old enough to walk across the playground by herself!"

Boys and girls were segregated in the playground, and heaven help you if you stepped over the line!

I eventually became an Infant school teacher.

I lived at Cold Blow. I was supposed to take a bus to school, but often walked and used the fare to buy chocolate powder to eat on the way home That was a mix of cocoa and sugar. Quite a treat in those days.
The things I remember most are all connected with Cold Blow. School was just an annoying interruption in my otherwise full, active , happy life!

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I am retired. (I used to be a primary school teacher.) I am ,unfortunately ,widowed. I have one son and one grand daughter. I have been married twice but my first marriage ended in divorce. I spent 2 years teaching in Singapore.

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