Memories of the King family 6 Beaconsfield Road

Memories of the King family of 6 Beaconsfield Road

Photos of Edith and Winifred to be added later

I don’t know exactly when my maternal grandparents John and Edith King moved into 6 Beaconsfield Road, but they were definitely living there by July 1912, when my aunt Winifred (‘Win’) was born.

John worked as a nurse at the mental hospital, and served as a nurse on the Western Front in the First World War, attaining the rank of sergeant. My mother Violet (‘Vik’) was born in 1921. She essentially lived at number 6 until she was married, including attending the Maypole School. One of her memories of Maypole that I remember her recalling was of Charlie Lawrence, also mentioned on this site. She told of how Charlie asked for slippers to be sent to him whilst he was a prisoner in the Second World War. Mum said she sent him some, but sadly he died before he received them. In 1928 Edith purchased the freehold of number 6, for the princely sum of £200.

In 1950 my mother married, at Bexley church.

John died in 1953, leaving just Edith and Win living at number 6.

That all changed for a brief time in 1960, when my parents, my two (older) sisters and I moved in for a few months, whilst waiting for our new house in Strood to be built. I have no recollection of this (I was only two), but it must have been pretty cramped with 4 adults and 3 children living in a two bedroomed house! While we were there my older sister attended the Maypole School - her only recollection being the painful one of being hit over the knuckles with a ruler by a teacher, for an offence that she never knew!

After we moved out my two sisters and I were regular visitors to number 6 throughout the 1960s. My sisters also stayed there for a week each year. We all remember playing in the ‘bomb holes’ on the heath, and my younger sister recalls playing with local children in the alley behind Beaconsfield Road. Oh, and how could I forget that the road was not made up? Like driving cross-country!

My grandmother Edith died in 1975, at the age of 93, and the house passed to Win. Win in turn died in 1991, after which the house was sold, ending some eighty years connection with Maypole.

John Bolch, 29th May 2020

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