Memories of John Burton

I used to visit and stay at Heath wood lodge as my schoolboy friend Edmond (Eddie ) Wainer lived There with his parents and elder sister he was in my class at the Maypole so must have been same age, or like. I can remember Mr. James a rather stern old man which we used to hide from as he used to tell us off, no doubt for doing things we shouldn't like going up the tower as it was falling down. The Scouts used the grounds as there camp site, during the summer and we used to stay with them as well. I remember a big lawn at the front of the house. Eddie and family moved to Wansant road First house on left by the bend, where i also used to stay, that was in the days of Dorothy squires being there his garden had an orchard along the back and we used to creep down and look through the hedge at the going's on at the swimming pool, I lost touch with Eddie when i was about 12 i.e. about 1950 as he went on to a private school I am sure he must have some photos of the house that you are keen to get hold of . Those were the days Regards John Burton

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