Random Photographs

The following sub pages are dedicated to random photographs which will, at some stage, be used in other parts of the site. Most photographs have been selected, not just for the subject of the photograph, but equally for any backdrop features. Either click on links below or go to Navigation in the left hand column of this page.

School demolition
Pastimes / Activities
Places - the journey from Bexley
Places - general
Donkeys Dartford Heath
Britain from the air photos Dartford Heath June 1932

Have a good rummage ! If you have any photographs you would like to donate - either attach them to an E Mail to us at maypoleontheweb@aol.com or - more fun for you - request to become a writer and create your own page !

Hope you are enjoying this site. Do remember that we are always open to suggestions / corrections and additions.

The Maypole Team