What do you know about . . .

This page is all about trying to answer some questions / mysteries about the area / people / events / activities which the Maypolehistory Team have had put to them from readers.

Read on - if you know something - any small thing - about any of the topics below then just drop us an E Mail at

You may just be able to help us out !

1. The strange tower erected in Churchfield Woods at the rear of Wansunt Road c1930s-1960s - raised by Ed Wainer

2. The Fire Station situated at the end of Baldwyns Road c1930s - 1940s

3. The original building once on the site of the footprint of the Maypole Cafe, Baldwyns Road at the junction with Old Bexley Lane c1890

4. The Scouts / Guides pack formed by Mr Cameron in the grounds of Broomhills c1940s

5. Life on the estate / area during World War II

6. St Barnabas Church - especially the moving of the building from the rear of Broomhills to Old Bexley Lane

7. The shops along Old Bexley Lane, their specific trades and the shopkeepers / staff who ran them

8. Local placenames not shown on maps and their origins i.e The Camp Hole, Slippery Jack (A tree), The Moles Hole (A pond)

9. Quer raised by Tony Helyar "The Times newspaper of 6th. April 1935 carries an advert for a nurseryman who gives his address as 271 Baldwyns Park, Bexley. I lived in Baldwyns Park from 1934 to 1944 and it comprised 60 houses at most. I wonder if any of your subscribers can throw light on this".